Goldman Sachs

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200 West Street

New York, NY 10282


Quick Stats

Revenues: $36.6 Billion
Fiscal Year-End:
Dec 31st

Prospect Insights

Enterprise sales teams targeting Goldman Sachs should understand that this old-school banking powerhouse is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to IT: one in four employees at Goldman Sachs is an engineer and more than 7,000 applications are deployed across the business. The bank is pivoting to offer more consumer products and services, become more digital, and fend off disruption while still meeting stringent regulatory requirements. Demonstrate how you can help Goldman Sachs’ Co-CIOs as they lead 10,000 IT employees and engineers, navigating blockchain, cloud, mobile, and simply making the organization run more effectively. Reps and marketers can capitalize on the fact that Goldman Sachs is all-in on technology.

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