Liberty Mutual

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175 Berkeley Street

Boston, MA 02116


Quick Stats

Revenues: $41.6 Billion
Fiscal Year-End:
Dec 31st

Prospect Insights

Selling technology to Liberty Mutual? Global CIO James McGlennon leads 6,000 IT employees and thousands of contractors to drive the organization’s all-encompassing digital transformation. Demonstrate the flexibility and scalability of your solution as Liberty Mutual takes on an ambitious plan to bring nearly all its workloads to the cloud. In your pitch, mention Liberty Mutual’s extensive investments in technology to support customer experience, from digital claim applications to chatbots offering AI-driven predictions for client support cases. With more than 800 locations across 30 countries and 50,000 employees, Liberty Mutual decision makers will likely be intrigued if you can demonstrate how your solution can connect the company with its millions of customers around the world and handle regulatory requirements across geographic lines.

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