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1000 Nicollet Mall

Minneapolis, MN 55430


Quick Stats

Revenues: $75.4 Billion
Fiscal Year-End:
Jan 31st

Prospect Insights

Reps selling to Target should align with its mission to leverage technology to fuel its multi-channel, customer-centric strategy. CIO Mike McNamara has spearheaded a reduction in Target’s massive IT project portfolio, brought much of its engineering team in-house, and launched a DevOps-based, agile approach to increase productivity and accelerate innovation. Target is now focused on providing its customers with a deeper level of personalization and engagement by leveraging technologies like voice, AR, AI, and VR. The retailer’s digital efforts drove $5 billion of its more than $75 billion in sales in 2018 – can your solution help Target grow that number in the coming years?

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