2023 Financial Services | ABM Account Insights

Selling to Banks

Needs better account insights in 2023 to target the big banks, brokerage and insurance firms in the U.S. & Canada?

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Digital banking transformation, payments, big data & AI, integrated multichannel delivery and cloud are among many priorities at your largest finserv prospects. PipelineIQ is a human-powered research team that offers 17 years of experience building 1:1 Account Profiles for large tech vendors. We tailor every profile for you, and map your solutions to the needs and 2023 goals of your prospect.

Each (15+ page PDF) custom 1:1 Account Profile includes:
– Relevant Tech Stack Landscape
– Conversation Starters
– Business Priorities for 2023
– Key People
– Organization & Financials
– Competitor & Industry View

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About PipelineIQ
PipelineIQ is a bespoke account research firm that works exclusively with B2B technology firms targeting Global 2000 accounts. Since 2006, we have built over 10,000 custom account profiles in over 20 countries. Learn more at www.pipelineIQ.com or contact us at sales@pipelineIQ.com.