Disney ’23 ABM: A Whole New World?

This week, Disney announced they are undergoing a transformation and strategic reorganization, aimed at returning authority to creative leaders, reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing profit.

Disney will undergo a strategic reorganization designed to optimize future growth,profitability and value creation. Disney Entertainment will include non-sports streaming and media operations. ESPN will include the TV network and ESPN+ streaming. Everything else falls under Parks, Experiences and Products.

Disney is targeting over 5 billion dollars in expense reduction. 3 billion will be from non-sports related content spend. Another 2.5 billion will be achieved by eliminating about 7,000 jobs, and cutting investments in marketing and technology. In the end, Disney will emerge as a more cost-effective, coordinated and streamlined company.

With Bob Iger back at the helm, Disney is now focused on the bottom line. They must improve the economics of Disney’s streaming business, seeking profitability by the end of fiscal 2024. IT Vendors selling to Disney should lean in on how you can help the entertainment giant run more efficiently and enhance profit.

Pipeline IQ recommends that account-based marketing efforts focus on three core messages when targeting Disney:

1 – Streamlining processes to enhance company productivity. How can you help Disney make their streaming services more profitable? Talk about their race to beat Netflix and Warner Brothers Discovery.

2 – How can your solution help Disney cut 1.75 Billion in marketing and technology expenses, by displacing costly tools or automating key functions.

3 – Disney is known for delivering high quality experiences for their guests. How can your solutions help Disney satisfy and delight customers across all channels they interact with.

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