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1:1 Enterprise Prospect Intelligence

No matter where you are in your account-based marketing journey, we can design a custom ABM program to fit your pipeline goals, value proposition, and marketing program development plans. Our expertise is in Fortune 1000-sized enterprise accounts, across key industries such as financial services, retail, energy, healthcare, education and public sector.

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16 Years of Account Profiling Expertise

The PipelineIQ research team breaks down your enterprise prospect through the lens of your company. Our 1:1 Account Profiles are tailored 100% around your solutions, ideal personas, and areas of potential alignment. Perfect for account planning, QBRs, or to baseline your ABM programs with highly customized Global 2000 prospect intelligence.

Conversation Starters

Prospecting advice and unique ABM messaging built with your solution in mind.

Business & Tech Strategies

Relevant initiatives and strategies to mention in your pitch and weave into marketing programs.

Key Stakeholders

A curated list of key decision-makers based on your target personas.

Industry & Account Insights

Become an expert on the headwinds and challenges facing your prospect.

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Accelerate Your ABM Programs

PipelineIQ maps your unique solutions with the business goals of your enterprise prospect. Our proprietary account intelligence and advice fuels Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs.

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Perfect for Greenfield Accounts

From must-know details on your enterprise account to conversation starters and prospecting advice, our custom built account profiles include strategies and business goals that matter most to your prospect, so you can determine how your solution fits in to their business challenges.

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Identify Key Stakeholders

PipelineIQ will research and highlight who the most relevant stakeholders are for your solution, across both IT and lines of business. Resonate more effectively by aligning your ABM plays with their top priorities.

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Relevant, Meaningful Prospect Conversations

We uncover the top initiatives and priorities at your top prospect that extend beyond technology. Use our highly personalized conversation starters to engage stakeholders with the right message at the perfect time.

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ABM Conversations Starters
Manual Account Research

The Benefit of Manual Account Research

Assembling a custom ABM account profile is a methodical, time-consuming process that requires an expert who knows how to find, interpret and package relevant insights. With our personalized, 1:1, human-based research, your sales and marketing team can build better ABM messaging and get the attention of your top-tier accounts.

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Global Coverage on all Industries

Our expertise is analyzing Fortune 1000 enterprise accounts, across key industries such as financial services, retail, energy, healthcare, education and the public sector. Outside of North America, we have also built thousands of custom ABM account profiles for companies headquartered in over 25 countries.

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