Enterprise Prospect Insights: FedEx

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Selling to FedEx in 2022? Here are some PipelineIQ account insights to help build out your 1:1 #ABM program or strategic account plan.

ABM messaging should align with FedEx’s top 2022 priorities:

  • Help FedEx innovate digitally
  • Support growth of e-commerce
  • Achieve operational excellence
  • Transform digital and physical experience
  • Control and insight into the global movement of goods
  • Succeed in an ‘always on, mobile-first’ world
  • Support goal of ‘Safety Above All’ – tech to prevent accidents
  • Stay ahead of Amazon

1. FedEx has prioritized IT modernization
Over the last year FedEx has advanced their IT transition from traditional mainframe computing to the cloud – seeing benefits in terms of flexibility, security, speed to market and resiliency. Some recent priorities include FedEx Ground rolling out dynamic route optimization technology, the migration of Oracle E-Business Suite applications and Oracle Databases to Oracle Cloud, and deploying RPA solutions to reduce costs, optimize workflows, and provide better service to their customers.

2. Dataworks using ML to make shipping more efficient
FedEx Dataworks is a new organization at the company that uses data science and machine learning to monitor 19 million packages shipped globally each day. This cloud-based platform supports FedEx’s most critical BI/AI/ML applications integrated with FedEx’s physical network and supports their digital business. “We’re going to be weaponizing data,” says Richard W. Smith, President, Americas.

3. Teaming with Microsoft to defeat mutual rival Amazon
Losing the battle over parcel shipping market share, FedEx has turned to Microsoft as their primary cloud partner, choosing Microsoft’s Azure cloud service over AWS to move data into the cloud and increase logistics supply chain visibility.

4. The next chapter of innovation at FedEx will build on investments in robotics, drones, AI, automation, expanding their digital capabilities and infrastructure to deliver customer experiences that are personal, proactive and secure.

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