PipelineIQ Announces Strategic Partnership with Emissary.io


Emissary, the human intelligence network, today announced the launch of its new Emissary Partnership Program. A first in the industry, this innovative collective of enablement, engagement and ABM solutions offers sales and marketing leaders holistic support of their intelligence-based strategies.

“Emissary is a pioneer in mining human intelligence,” said Allen Mueller, CEO at Emissary. “This ground-breaking program will infuse insights from our network into similarly innovative solutions, helping sellers and marketers amass deeper intelligence more quickly and apply it more effectively to find, win, and grow accounts.”

The Emissary network consists of over 8,000 senior leaders with recent experience in Fortune 1,000 executive roles. These advisors provide difference-making insights into target accounts: culture, priorities, challenges, buying processes, power structure, decision-making styles and more.

We are pleased to combine the power of these insights with our inaugural program members:

  • PipelineIQ: A bespoke account research firm providing actionable, insight-packed account profiles and a roadmap for gaining decision-maker attention.
  • Databook: Databook calculates customer needs for individual solutions. Go-to-market teams leverage Databook’s 1:1 personalized content to engage prospects as a trusted advisor.
  • Sales Community: A premier organization for technology sales professionals to learn more, network with their peers, pick up new sales tools and tactics, and sell more.
  • More to come!

For sales and marketing leaders, these powerful combinations help commercial organizations improve a broader range of their sales and marketing motions by applying highly relevant intelligence throughout.

Vendor members of the Emissary Partnership Program benefit by being equipped to offer broader solutions to their clients, expanding relationships with new use cases.  In addition, partners can help their clients realize improved performance of their core offerings by using the Emissary network. Examples include fueling ABM account profiles and campaigns, applying sales training in real-world context, enhancing intelligence and intent offerings, populating account planning methodologies and driving more strategic use of engagement tools.

About PipelineIQ
PipelineIQ is a bespoke account research firm that works exclusively with B2B technology firms targeting Global 2000 accounts. Since 2006, we have built over 10,000 custom account profiles in over 20 countries. Learn more at www.pipelineIQ.com or contact us at sales@pipelineIQ.com.