Three Ways to Sell Smarter to FedEx in 2020

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Prospect intelligence on FedEx to help shape your ABM strategy.

As e-commerce grows, so does FedEx. E-commerce today represents about 15% of retail sales, and by 2026, FedEx expects to deliver more than 100 million packages every day across the United States. If you are a technology vendor selling to FedEx, make sure your sales and marketing message truly resonates and stands out from that of your competitors.

For FedEx to hold its strong market position and edge out large competitors like UPS, it will need to make significant investments in technology to achieve key business goals. FedEx is focused on cost containment, enhancing its network to ensure reliability and stability for customers as it takes on unpredictable headwinds into 2020. With more than 450,000 employees serving customers across 220 countries, its network is truly expansive. FedEx was the last-mile delivery partner for Amazon between Amazon’s warehouses and end customers, until FedEx cut ties with the online retail giant in 2019.. giving up the 1.3% of total revenue that Amazon represented for FedEx. Amazon is building its own delivery infrastructure, including a fleet of cargo planes – the race is on!

Here are a few ideas from the team at PipelineIQ on how you can tailor your message for decision makers across FedEx:

  • Chief Information Officer Rob Carter is a true visionary. In your pitch, mention Carter’s commitment to team up with key competitors UPS and DHL Express to develop industry-wide standards for blockchain in international shipping. An open, transparent global ledger combined with technologies like AI and IoT will help customs and border agents validate authenticity and better track deliveries.
  • Align your solution with key goals for FedEx, like reducing transit time through automation. Mention customer experience investments like FedEx Delivery Manager, which allows customers to schedule deliveries for residential customers. More than fourteen million people are enrolled, up 60% from a year ago.
  • To expand its footprint and improve convenience, FedEx is partnering with Walmart, Walgreens, and Dollar General to offer drop-off and pick-up locations. More than 8,000 Dollar General stores will have a FedEx location within them by 2021, catering to rural customers. Customers of FedEx expect a seamless digital experience – talk to FedEx about how it will need to make major investments across mobile, point of sale, security, and other customer touch points. How can your solution help?

To sell effectively to FedEx and stand out from the many technology vendors that will pursue it as a client in 2020, take some time to understand Fedex’s goals and strategies. Show decision makers how your solution solves their challenges – come across as an informed partner that brings value, rather than a vendor pitching a product.

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